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Caring for Your Trees

Trees need to be tended. To have healthy trees, pruning and trimming are essential for managing their growth. Shaping your trees and preparing them for long-term health are vital parts of the work required to maintain a beautiful yard.

While shaping your trees’ growth is great cosmetic work, tree care involves much more. A tree company is your trusted ally when it comes to keeping your yard healthy. Tree diseases run rampant in southern Ohio, and having regularly scheduled inspections can ward off the onset of fungal infections, pest infestations, or rot. A tree service company in Cincinnati will know the specific issues facing Cincinnati’s trees in any given season, and will exactly what to watch out for.

A company that works on trees will also be able to determine which branches may need to come down. It is much safer to remove failing branches than to let them fall haphazardly on their own. Cincinnati has both dense woods and thinner wooded areas. So in Cincinnati, a company servicing trees is prepared for all types of forests and all types of yards. Handling the removal of at-risk branches is a key aspect of any tree service’s work.

At Tree Images, we’ve been caring for trees and gardens in Cincinnati for over 20 years. When you need tree service, including tree trimming and stump removal, or want expert landscaping services at a great price, we’re your team. We can handle all kinds of tree and yard services from removing trees and storm clean up, to mulching and other landscaping services. Contact us for information about how we can help you and your Cincinnati area home and garden.

Beautify Your Yard

Along with your tree care, we can assist with any other landscaping jobs you may want for the exterior of your property. Want to remove those scrubby bushes? Want to add a line of flower beds along your driveway? Want to clear out a section of weeds and overgrowth? Just say the word and we are at your command.

Cincinnati Snow Removal Services

Need snow removed this winter in Cincinnati? Contact us for more information about how we can keep your property clear. Residential and Commercial snow removal services available – call us today!

Tree Trimming

Are you finding fallen tree branches all around the ground and roof of your Cincinnati home? It may be time to have your tree trimmed.

Tree Removal

Have a dead tree in your yard? Has a tree already fallen on your property? We can remove trees affordably and safely.

Stump Removal

Have a pesky stump in your yard? Let Tree Images help you with our Cincinnati area stump removal and stump grinding services.