The Benefits Of Professional Landscaping Before Selling A Home

front of house with nice landscaping

Real estate professionals say that a yard that is not well maintained gives buyers a bad impression of the entire property, affecting the sales price and time on the market. Grass which has overgrown the borders and cement pathways is a problem. Grass that is full of weeds tells buyers that the homeowner doesn’t care about their yard, and most likely their home as well. Likewise grass that is not green and thick indicates a lack of fertilization and water which means the owner has not cared enough about the yard to make it attractive. Professional landscaping services can eliminate all of the weeds and apply the proper fertilizer to green the grass and make it thick like a carpet – giving your prospective home buyer a terrific first impression.

Grass should be mowed with a mower that has sharp blades set for the proper height. Grass around walkways and the driveway should be edged. A knowledgeable yard care landscaper can make the grass look much better in a fairly short period of time.

Other aspects of the home’s landscaping are important also. Flower and shrub beds should not be full of weeds. Once the weeds are eliminated, a type of mulch should be put down to prohibit the further growth of weeds and to give an attractive appearance to the beds. An expert landscaping service can easily handle this task.

A quality landscaper can recommend a variety of colorful plants and green shrubs that will create a panorama of color and a variety of shapes and sizes. This will make the landscaping interesting and eye catching.

A landscaping expert will also assess the trees to determine if these need to be shaped or thinned out. Trees add beauty to a yard but they detract from the yard’s appearance if they are not properly cared for. Trees need fertilizer and adequate watering, and if this has not been done, then a professional yard care person can provide a quick-acting remedy.

A highly qualified landscaping company can recommend the addition of stone borders or walkways which will give the yard a professional designer appearance. Lights in the flower and shrub beds are a nice landscape feature.

Selling Your Home? Call The Professional Cincinnati Landscaper

Buyers love outdoor living when the weather is nice, and buyers love a beautiful yard to enjoy their outdoor living experience. A professional landscaper can make a yard into a place that buyers will want to have. Hiring our company before you put your home on the market will be the right step toward the highest price and the quickest sale.