Three Warning Signs That You Need to Remove Large Tree Branches

We can’t always be on your property – checking things out and ensuring your yard and trees are looking healthy and safe.

For Cincinnati landscaping and tree service companies, our clients function as our eyes and ears. We cannot predict when your trees need help – we need you to keep an eye on their health.

What are some signs that show you should contact a company to provide tree service in Cincinnati and remove some of your larger limbs?

1. The limbs are diseased or dead

How can you tell if your tree has a disease?

If you see fluid seeping from your tree, it could have alcoholic slime flux. Usually you would see this in the spring or summer, and this fluid may leave dark streaks as it seeps out.

If the bark is peeling off, then your tree may be losing essential nutrients, and this may be evidence of disease. Or, if you see gray, hard fungus – with small white pores on the bottom – that could be a serious fungus that is common for birch, maple, cherry, and hickory trees.

A white powder on the leaves could be mildew, and this is most common once the air gets very humid in the thick of summer. This mildew begins as small white spots, but eventually – often very quickly – will cover the entire surface area of each leaf.

2. The limbs are crossing and/or rubbing

Branches that cross over other branches, especially those that are rubbing against each other and pushing on one another, are ones you should prune.

3. The branches are growing inward

If you have branches that are growing toward the trunk – inward toward the center of the tree – they need to go. These inward-growing branches could indicate a serious vascular problem with the tree.