Cincinnati Tree Services

“What Does A Cincinnati Tree Service Company Do?”

At Tree Images, we field this question a lot. As a Cincinnati tree service company, we have a variety of responsibilities. We have studied pests and diseases that are common to the trees of this area, so first and foremost we keep your trees healthy. We also trim and remove trees to beautify your yard and to keep your greenery manageable.

Cincinnati Tree Service

We ward off insects and other invaders, and do so in a way that prolongs the tree’s life and does not endanger animals or plants. Doing this requires that we stay current on contemporary infestations. Much like a doctor and a nurse need to know what viruses are circulating in a given flu season, a Cincinnati tree service arborist needs to know what plant sickness are going around Cincinnati every season.

Tree Pests

Similarly, an arborist in Cincinnati needs to know which pests are thriving in the area. Sometimes certain insects will flourish due to the kinds of trees in the region, and the kind of climate and weather conditions we’ve experienced that year. Some pests come back in predictable cycles, too, and can be predicted and managed. Cicadas have a predictable schedule for return visits, and a lengthy gestation period underground. We know what to expect, and which seasons our trees will be infested with cicadas and other insects.

Tree Trimming

A tree service also needs to know how to trim back trees. This is not only for appearance – a tidy tree is a tree at its most beautiful, in the eyes of many. But it is for safety and convenience. You do not want your trees getting in the way of power lines, phone lines, or street signs.

A trimmed tree is also a healthier tree. Making sure that sunlight can reach specific parts of the tree and its leaves will mean that the tree can carry out its crucial photosynthesis functions more efficiently and thoroughly.

Healthy Cincinnati Trees By Tree Images!

Tree Images is an affordable Cincinnati tree service. We would love to talk about what you might need for your yard, and are available around the clock at 513-528-4167. We offer free estimates, and are ready to help in any way we can.