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Tree Images Of Cincinnati Provides Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning Services.

Tree maintenance in Cincinnati is important for the health of the tree, and to prevent danger to people and property. This careful, skilled maintenance is based on the techniques of pruning and trimming.

Tree Pruning

  • removes branches and roots that are not necessary, thereby streamlining the tree’s growth and helping the photosynthesis to be more efficient
  • cuts out green shoots to promote a healthier tree with better foliage
  • maintains the health and safety of the plant, and encourages its longevity
  • is applicable to trees of all ages, not just mature trees

Tree Trimming

  • encourages healthy tree growth by increasing overall sunlight access and evening out the density of branch clusters
  • removes green shoots to encourage healthier overall growth of the tree
  • improves the appearance of the tree by improving symmetry, guiding its shape and the direction of its full growth
  • creates a tree with more foliage, and more even dispersal of leaves
  • cuts back branches that may pose a threat to parked cars, or to structures such as a garage or house
  • eliminates rotting, dead, or broken branches resulting from an insect infestation or contamination, thereby protecting other branches from infection
  • allows the tree to be re-shaped through thinning
  • changes the directional growth when necessary, which channels energy better to the branches that need it – a tree with heavy internal growth loses a lot of the energy required to feed its branches properly

A tree doctor can remove diseased or dead branches at the top of the tree. This is known as maintenance of the crown.

Trimming or removing low branches on the trunk creates a focus on the height of the tree. This is known as crown lifting. When we see trees in suburban areas that tower above nearby houses, we often can note that these trees have had their crowns lifted. This helps such trees to grow “above” the house and not “into” the house. The house’s windows therefore look out to see a wide canopy of branches and foliage, not just a blocked view of one of two particular nearby branches.

Removing branches can allow light to get to the center of the tree, which stimulates growth. This removal creates openness, and achieves a better overall appearance.

Topping the tree reduces its height, which allows for a greater clearance area. This also decreases the amount of shade on the property. This can often have the effect of “opening up” the yard. Allowing more direct sunlight can also help the growth of flower beds, vegetable gardens, and other new gardening projects.

Trees look better and pose far fewer safety concerns when they are properly maintained. You also reduce the chance of fungal diseases, which can always spread from one tree to neighboring trees. Contact Tree Images of Cincinnati at 513.528.4167 for all your tree service and tree maintenance needs, including tree removal. Or, feel free to use our FREE ESTIMATE contact form.