How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

Estimating the cost of tree trimming jobs is something our tree service professionals do every day. What considerations go into these estimates? What are the factors that make up the cost to trim a tree?

What Determines Cost of Tree Trimming?

tree trimming in a cherry pickerHere are some of the primary points we consider:

  • The size of the tree

A tree that is less than 20 feet tall often costs about a quarter of the amount to trim as it might cost to trim a 60-foot tree. Different equipment is required, and the job becomes significantly more challenging (and dangerous) when we have to ascend above 50 feet. Since those tall trees tend to have much thicker limbs and branches, the tree trimming becomes harder, more labor-intensive, and more time-consuming, therefore increasing the cost.

  • The hazards involved

If there are notable hazards involved with the tree’s placement or the yard’s layout – for example, if we are removing big branches that are right above power lines – then the hazard pay for the workers must be taken into account. If our tree professionals require a great deal of surrounding space to make the cut, then this can increase the cost of tree trimming. The use of specialized safety equipment can also increase the cost of the job.

  • The health of the tree

Whenever a tree is diseased, this impacts the cost to trim the tree. Diseases such as rot make the tree unpredictable. If branches fall unevenly or more quickly than anticipated, it makes our job more difficult. Damage due to weather, large cracks in the tree’s trunk, or uneven foliage could indicate that the tree is in poor health.

  • Possible infestation

Did you know that a woodpeckers’ presence often means the tree is rotting? Fungal decay could be taking over the tree. Ants, mites, and other pests could add complications to the tree trimming job, and may affect the cost of trimming the tree, as well.

  • Geography

Where you live impacts the cost of tree trimming. In big cities, just about everything is more expensive, but in particular, getting permits to obstruct traffic or sidewalks, or even just the challenge of getting equipment into place can increase the cost of a tree trimming job.

  • The number of trees

In general, the overhead costs of a tree trimming job will be lower, per tree, to trim a bunch of trees, rather than just one. That’s because the time that it takes us to get to your place, get set up, and remove the dead branches is all more efficient if we’re trimming a whole yard full of trees than just for a single one. If it takes us an hour to get set up and begin, and half an hour to tidy up at the end, that same amount of time won’t be added on for each tree – most of that time will be the same, regardless of the number of trees to be trimmed.

Ok, But What Can I Expect to Spend to Have My Trees Trimmed?

Taking all of the factors into account, it probably isn’t a surprise that there is a really wide range in terms of the cost of tree trimming. A small, healthy, young tree in the middle of a rural backyard is going to cost a lot less than a 75 foot tall tree with storm damage in an urban area. But, in general, it’s reasonable to expect to spend from about $75 on a small, easy tree, to $1600 for a big, complicated arboreal situation. The national average for tree trimming is about $450 per tree.

National averages aren’t all that helpful when you’re trying to budget for your tree care expenses. It’s much more helpful to have an idea of what it will actually cost YOU, in YOUR actual situation to have YOUR particular trees trimmed, right? We can help. Give us a call, and we’ll come out and give you a free, personalized estimate for your tree care needs.