Cincinnati Tree Stump Removal

Why Should I Have My Tree Stump Removed?

Tree stumps create problems that are easily overlooked. After all, the tree was thought to be the problem, and now the tree is gone. Tree stump removal in Cincinnati may be necessary to eliminate following problems:

Unsightly Appearance

Stumps adversely affect curb appeal, and they impact property value. When potential buyers see stumps, it sends a negative message about how the homeowner has cared for the property. Shoots that are allowed to grow from stumps are even more unsightly. Neighbors do not like to see stumps either.

Generally, stumps give off a sense of disrepair and lack of upkeep. You do not want your yard to appear neglected, and having exposed stumps has the appearance of an unfinished yard. You removed the tree, so why didn’t you finish off the job by getting rid of the refuse?

New Growth

New growth will continually appear, leaching nutrients from other nearby trees, shrubs, and plants. These shoots will also promote the continuation of root growth, which can pose a variety of problems. Root growth, among other things, can damage sidewalks and foundations. It can also cause paved surfaces to lift, or crack, or both. Roots grow in diameter over time, which makes them an even greater concern.

Having an ever-spreading set of tree roots can make for some nasty surprises. You would not want a tree stump’s roots to affect the health of neighboring trees. More dangerous, though, is when these roots start to mess up your house’s foundation. Nip them in the bud before they become a problem.

Safety First

Children enjoy running around the yard, and they may ignore the stump. Danger is lurking whenever a stump is in the children’s path of play. Tripping over a stump can lead to broken bones and other injuries. The most severe damage may arise from children hitting their heads on the hard stump.

Mowing Is Not Easy

Mowing around a stump is never easy, and cutting all of the grass that grows next to the stump is a problem that requires either manual labor or another piece of equipment.

Think of the frustration you will prevent by just getting rid of that stump. Instead of dulling your mower blades by clipping that hard wood every time, just make it disappear. Instead of the rigor and annoyance of pulling your mower in and out and around that unsightly chunk of dead tree, replace that area with soft grass. Make it easy on yourself.

Infestation and Disease

A stump is always vulnerable to infestation and disease. Carpenter ants and other unwanted insects – like bees, hornets, wasps, and termites — are attracted to stumps. Both infestations and disease can spread to other trees on the property. The termites can invade the home and wreak havoc inside. If termites arrive, it is unlikely that they will confine their activity to just the stump.

A Professional Tree Stump Removal Company In Cincinnati

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