Cincinnati Tree Stump Removal

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Why Should I Have My Tree Stump Removed?

Problems that emerge from unhealthy or dangerous trees do not always disappear after being cut down. Even after the tree is gone, tree stump removal in Cincinnati might still be necessary to address several issues.

Unattractive Appearance

Curb appeal and property values suffer if there is an ugly stump on your front lawn or backyard. A prospective buyer might form a negative impression when they see a stump or shoots growing out of it. A stump can also be an eyesore for neighbors.

To some neighbors and potential buyers, stumps often suggest that the homeowner has little regard for the property or does not care for it. Instead, an investment of time and money toward removing the tree can and should also include stump removal.

New Growth

When a tree stump remains, it still has life, particularly new shoots that rob essential nutrients from other trees, plants, and shrubs. The roots underneath will also continue to grow, creating additional issues for you and possibly your neighbors. Roots left to spread eventually lift pavement and sidewalks and cause them to crack.

Any new growth from a stump creates problems that affect trees on your or someone else’s property. Stump roots can invade those of other trees, affecting their health. They can also dig into a building’s foundation, which can be dangerous. Removing a stump can keep these and other problems from surfacing.

Safety Hazard

Children playing or running in the area may overlook a stump in their path. Broken bones, head injuries, and other accidents can occur when kids or adults trip over a stump. Furthermore, such mishaps become a liability when they happen to someone not a member of your household.

Mowing Obstacle

A stump is an irritation and inconvenience to anyone who has to mow around it. Also, trimming the grass growing around the stump requires additional effort, time, and equipment.

Running over just an edge of the stump can dull or damage your mower blades. Instead, stump removal can rid you of the frustration of mowing around it and preserve your lawncare equipment.

Disease and Infestation

A stump is always vulnerable to infestation and disease that spreads to other trees and vegetation. For instance, stumps attract carpenter ants and other insects like hornets, bees, and wasps. Termites, in particular, do not confine their existence to a stump but can invade the interior and exterior of nearby homes.

A Professional Tree Stump Removal Company in Cincinnati

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