Five Steps to Keep Your Young Trees Strong

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Many homeowners used some of their “home time” during the pandemic to beautify their yards. It was a great idea! And it’s not too late to do this yourself.

If you do plant new trees, though, what can you do to keep them healthy?

  • Put them in the right place

Choosing the right location for a tree is essential. Make sure it is a spot that has enough space for the tree to expand its canopy. Check that the specific spot gets enough access to direct sunlight. Also, try to avoid power lines or other overhead obstructions. And lastly, do not plant the tree too deep.

  • Give them water

Older trees need one inch of water each week. For new trees, though, they need up to ten gallons every week – usually through the first two seasons that they grow. If they have not received much water from rainfall, be sure to supplement their hydration.

  • Fertilize them

A slow-release fertilizer will help get essential minerals into the ground around the tree. You can check the soil around the tree to see if any nutrients are lacking, or are in low amounts.

  • Insulate their roots

You can use mulch to protect those roots. The mulch helps keep the soil from getting too dry, too, and can save the vulnerable young trunk from getting torn up by your lawnmower.

  • Schedule checkups

As my father used to say, “I want a tree service near me to come by once a year.” A trained arborist can make sure there are no diseases or pests threatening your young trees. These professionals know exactly what to look for, in terms of the leaves’ coloration, holes, sores, and other telltale signs. Let an expert give your tree a regular checkup.