Cincinnati Tree Stump Grinding Services

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stumps that have been in the yard for many years will begin to rot, and may attract fungi and mold. These problems can spread to the rest of the yard, causing damage or even death to other plant life. Unwanted tree growth can be caused by shoots growing from the stump.

If you were to use a crane or another lifting device to remove a stump, you could bring up the roots and disrupt large parts of the yard. Instead of tearing apart the yard, you could consider stump-grinding services from a professional tree service company like Tree Images for certain circumstances.

How is This Different from Just Removing the Stump?

Stump grinding is different from stump removal. In the removal process, the root ball of the tree is dug out of the ground. This root ball can be larger than the tree itself, and its departure from the soil will often leave a massive hole in the ground, or a potential sinkhole that is a danger for peoples’ ankles.

Compared with stump removal, stump grinding is faster, easier, and more affordable. The chips created by the grinding process can decompose in the ground, and can help fill the area where the root system once existed.

Stump Grinding Process

Stump grinding is a way to remove a tree stump completely, without causing any disruption to the yard. Most stumps can be ground out into wood chips that can be used for mulch.

Stump grinding begins with removing rocks from the surrounding area. Then the grinding process can begin. A stump grinder will typically have a wheel with fixed carbide teeth, and uses hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders allow the cutter head to move up and down, and back and forth across the stump. The operator moves the grinding wheel slowly across the area while letting the wheel cut deeper into the stump.

A trained operator can grind the stump without letting the wheel get stuck and without cutting too deep, and will also grind the stump in an efficient manner, causing the least possible disruption to the yard. Such an operator will also recognize when the entire stump has been ground out, which is important for preventing the growth of tree shoots.

After the stump has been ground out, the area should be covered by soil. Planting grass where the stump used to be will help the yard look better – and those wood chips created by the grinding process can be used as mulch.

While stump grinders are made in many sizes, including a large, truck-mounted model, a portable grinder is typically best for stumps in residential yards. Moving these portable grinders across the yard will not destroy the grass, either.

Professional Stump Grinding Company In Cincinnati

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