Emergency Tree Service

For immediate assistance with a fallen tree day or night, turn to Tree Images in Cincinnati for emergency tree service.

remove fallen tree

PLEASE NOTE: If your fallen tree or branch is resting on, tangled in, or has brought down power lines, this is an emergency that warrants a call to 911 or to your power company, WHETHER OR NOT YOU BELIEVE THE LINES ARE LIVE.

When tornadoes, high winds, winter storms, and severe thunderstorms rip through Cincinnati and the tri-state area, fallen trees and branches can block roadways, tear down power lines, and damage buildings and structures. The resulting destruction can be disruptive and dangerous. To prevent further threats to life, safety, and property, Tree Images can remove any fallen tree, no matter the day or time.

How Tree Images Can Help

We are prepared, 24 hours a day, to:

  • Respond to a tree emergency
  • Evaluate the risks and find the best possible approach
  • Solve the problem and eliminate the danger
  • Remove any broken limbs, felled trees, and damaged property
  • Minimize any further damage to property or to healthy trees

Qualified arborists can anticipate when a storm-damaged tree is likely to collapse or how much damage it could cause if it does. Tree Images’ qualified emergency landscape specialists can evaluate any potentially dangerous situation right away and recommend the safest and most practical solution.

The crews at Tree Images are ready 24/7 to respond to any emergency. They have the experience to secure the scene and ensure safety for people and property. They also use the latest equipment and most efficient methods to do repairs and manage all aspects of clean up.

Dealing with Fallen Trees

The exact methods of repair and recovery often depend on the conditions causing the initial damage. For example, a severe thunderstorm may leave several downed trees over a wide area. There might also be some trees that have incurred damage but have not yet hit the ground. Regardless of the emergency, Tree Images arborists can thoroughly inspect the area and determine the best way to keep tree damage from contributing to a more dangerous situation.

Fallen trees can threaten other structures like houses, garages, and fences. If a fallen tree causes damage to your property, the experts at Tree Images will help remove downed trees and all other debris to prevent further destruction. They can also make recovery more streamlined by assisting with repairs. They will also help you coordinate with your insurance company to ensure that you get the most for your claim.

What to Do After a Storm Damages Your Trees

If a storm hits and some of your tree branches look hazardous afterwards, Tree Images is at the ready and prepared to come to the rescue. In the meantime, careful removal of potentially dangerous branches or fallen trees is always a good idea. If broken branches or felled trees are small enough for you to manage, and if they aren’t involved with, or near, any power lines, you can try to take away or move any fallen tree safely before it causes additional damage to structures on your property.

Swift action is in your best interest for fallen trees. Collapsing trunks and falling branches can result in costly repairs and even threaten public safety. Properly removing damaged branches can also help to save your tree in some cases. Nature can be unpredictable, which is why an immediate call to Tree Images can protect your property from further damage.

Call 24/7

We really do mean it – we are available 24 hours a day to assist you with an emergency situation. We routinely have calls from people in the early morning who say that they didn’t realize they could have called us during non-business hours. They can, and so can you! As professional arborists, emergency tree service is part of the job, and we are proud and prepared to help whenever you need us.

Tree Images in Cincinnati offers storm recovery services around the clock and at all hours. Our crews can mobilize and arrive at your location quickly. For immediate assistance, call Tree Images at 513-528-4167.