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lawn care and trees

Converting your yard into a bonafide tree garden may not require as much work as you might think. Clearing some brush, shaping some trees, pruning back some overgrowth… much of this can be accomplished in a day or two.

Once your landscaping starts to look more like design than happenstance, you will feel the difference. You will see the results, but you will feel the health of your greenery, the flood of oxygen, and the thrill of flourishing new growth.

We can also build features into your yard and garden. We can plant certain bushes, flowers, and trees that encourage hummingbirds and butterflies to flutter there. We can plant bordering growth that will discourage aphids and other pests. We can lure bumblebees to pollenate.

If you have us work with your yard, we can work with you to realize what you’ve hoped to see when you look out your window and walk out your door.

If you are interested in getting a free estimate for a tree service or landscaping in the Cincinnati area, simply fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. Feel free to add notes about the specific issue, or about your property, etc. We’ll contact you with an estimate (and any questions we may have) after we have been out to the property. After hitting submit, please wait until the form is finished processing – you will see a confirmation if the message was sent successfully. If you have problems with the contact form, don’t hesitate to call us at 513.528.4167.

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