How Do I Find a Great Tree Pruning Service Near Me?

tree trimming in a cherry picker

“How Can I Know When I’ve Found the Top Tree Pruning Service in My Area?”

When you are ready to hire a tree service company to prune your trees, you understandably want to hire the best, especially when you realize that it’s possible to get 5-star service at a reasonable cost … if you find the right tree company. But it can be hard to know exactly what you’re looking for. How will you know if you’re working with a top-notch tree service? We can help!

1.    Word of Mouth

Hiring a tree service that comes personally recommended is your best bet. You can be sure that any tree company that comes enthusiastically recommended by a friend, family member, or neighbor did a great job and followed through on their commitments. Ask around for suggestions from friends and neighbors who have had tree work done — especially if you love the look of their trees or their yard. You can ask the person making the recommendation what their experience was like, and judge for yourself if it seems right for you.

2.    Check Reviews

If one positive recommendation is good, a whole bunch of them is even better. Check out the Google reviews or Better Business Bureau page for the recommended tree pruning companies in your area — look for a great rating and glowing compliments. Tree service companies that create extra hassles for their customers, don’t deliver what they promise, or who surprise them with hidden charges, don’t end up with dozens of 5 star reviews, so look for high marks and detailed, positive feedback.

3.    Choose a Local Tree Pruning Company

Whenever you can, opt for a top tree pruning service in your local area. A local company is excited to serve their community and truly values your business. They also know that the path to their success relies on you recommending them to your neighbors and friends — so they want to take great care of you. A small, local business is made up of people in your community, and any business that has built their reputation, over time, by giving great service to people in their local area wants to continue to go the extra mile to satisfy their customers. Count on them to do a great job for you.

4.    Get Several Free Estimates

Once you’ve found several companies through word-of-mouth or online recommendations, call at least three and ask for an estimate. Ask for and expect a free estimate for any work you’re planning to have done by a tree service company. It’s important that you understand what you’ll be paying for and exactly what services the company is planning to provide.

5.    Ask All of Your Questions

Once you have your three (or more!) free estimates in hand, don’t just go with the lowest one. Ask questions to clear up any uncertainty you might have about what is included in each estimate, and try to understand why the tree service companies are charging different amounts for their services. Do they offer a guarantee on their work? Are they quoting you for a rush job? Does one company have a different idea of what your needs are than another? Asking your questions, and getting good answers will accomplish two important things: you’ll understand better what you’re paying for, and you’ll get a feeling of which company feels like it has the right approach to YOUR situation.

6.    Hire Tree Images

We know you want the best tree service company in your local area, and if you’re in the Cincinnati area, no need to look any further. We have years of experience as a Cincinnati-area tree pruning service and lots of happy customers (who are your friends and neighbors). We will come out, give you a free estimate, and answer all your questions. And we want to make sure we provide the kind of service that guarantees that you’ll suggest us when someone asks about your beautiful, thriving trees.

Finding the best local company to prune your trees is about asking around, hiring local, checking reviews, getting a free estimate, and feeling confident in your choice. And in Cincinnati, you can skip all of that and just give Tree Images a call!