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Homeowners and businesses in Cincinnati need to remove trees from their property for a number of reasons. The most important reason is to ensure the safety of occupants and passersby. Another is the protection of the physical property.

The hazards posed by improperly maintained trees are often not recognized. When trees become structurally unsound, they can pose serious safety issues. Many of these problems are not readily identifiable to the untrained eye. Trees in Cincinnati can lose their strength due to pest invasion, disease, and age. Any of these problems can cause trees to weaken, and any can eventually result in major branches falling, or the entire tree falling onto your property or someone else’s. Removing a tree is sometimes the only safe solution.

Tree Removal After Storms

Storm damage can also weaken trees, so it is important to have a tree examined after a severe storm to determine any potential damage. Major branches may be split but still can haphazardly remain on the tree. However, these branches can become dangerous over time, and the next storm may cause them to fall, possibly resulting in serious property damage or personal injury.

Having an experienced professional do a thorough inspection is your best option after a storm. We offer FREE estimates. If our area has gone through a bad storm — particularly a severe thunderstorm — and you think your yard’s safety may be compromised, just ask us to come take a look and we’ll do our best to help you make the right choice for your property.

Protect Your Property

Every tree has a lifespan, dictated by nature. Although trees found in forests and other natural settings grow quite well with only nature’s pruning, landscape trees require a higher level of care to maintain their safety and aesthetics.  This means that trees can become unsafe, and should not be left standing if they are compromised. This is, again, something that might not be readily recognizable. We have become accustomed to protecting our trees as a vital part of our environmental plans. While protecting trees is important, it is more important to ensure the safety of people, and to protect property from damage.

Often young trees are planted too close to the home, sidewalk, or other structures with no thought to the future size of the tree. In some instances, it is possible to trim or root-prune a tree to limit the intrusion.  It is also worth considering the fact that removing certain trees can help the health of other trees. If you have several older trees competing for root space and fighting for sunlight, you may be hurting all of them. Cutting one of them back — or removing one tree altogether — can help the other, perhaps healthier trees thrive.

Tree Roots & Safety

The roots of trees can become a problem when they become invasive, sometimes causing pavement and sidewalks to crack or heave. This condition can be a safety concern — a person could trip on a sidewalk that has been raised by tree roots. If too many roots are near or above the surface, the tree will not be anchored securely into the ground.

A falling tree is absolutely something you do NOT want in your yard. You may not even realize that one of your trees is susceptible to falling, or in danger of uprooting. Then a heavy wind comes, and bam — the tree falls into the side of your house, or takes out another tree. Call us to make an inspection, remove the tree, and prevent a potential disaster.

Professional Tree Inspections

Trees should be inspected by an expert if the slightest problem is detected. If a tree must be removed, then it is important to hire a trained, professional tree removal service. A tree removal expert will know the safest way to remove a tree and safeguard the surrounding property. Tree removal is a science that involves knowledge of tree species and their approximate age, and how to remove both the branches and the trunk. The tree should be thoroughly examined prior to being removed, to determine if the tree has any weakness that may cause it to fall unexpectedly and cause damage.

Tree Planning

Another reason for removing trees is to make room for new growth. If you have older trees that are fighting each other for sunlight and root placement in your yard, it may be the prudent move to remove a dying tree or two. Rather than let the tree became a danger to other trees and to your family, take the pre-emptive step to create space.

One thing to bear in mind, though, is that you will want to remove the root system of any tree you remove. This way the new trees (or shrubs, or other greenery) have a catch to spread their own roots unimpeded.

Additionally, if any tree you remove has a disease or infestation, you want to ensure that all of that organic material has been completely eradicated from your yard. Leaving any diseased or infested vegetation in the place of the old tree will merely cause the sickness to spread to other parts of your property.

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