What is Tree Elevation and How Does it Help?

tree elevation

Curious customers ask us all the time – what does elevating a tree mean anyways?

Yeah, it sounds weird, so let us go ahead and clarify. When you “elevate” a tree, it means that you are removing the lowest-hanging branches.

There are several reasons for pursuing this practice. One reason is that people may be walking into the branches, if they are close to the ground. It may be treacherous to walk through your yard if you are constantly needing to duck to avoid tree branches. The same goes for enjoying your yard as a place for recreation. If you can’t throw a baseball without fear of running into a low-hanging branch, then you should do some pruning.

Another reason is to avoid leaves and twigs dropping into pools and other yard features. By encouraging the branch growth to be higher, often the leaves and detritus from the tree will blow sideways as they fall, missing water features.

Tree Growth Leading to Elevating A Tree

Trees will naturally grow sideways as well as vertically. This happens in a natural, unkept forest. Trees grow thicker each year, at approximately the same rate that they grow up toward the sunlight. This sideways growth is not easy for the tree’s trunk, however, and there is a possibility that the tree will be unable to support its weight as the trunk grows thicker and thicker.

When you trim the lowest branches, you encourage your tree to have more clearance. Eventually, your tree’s branches may all be higher than the roof of your house, and this is advantageous for a number of reasons. Branches will no longer bump against windows and gutters. Strong winds will not push heavy limbs against the side of your home.

The tree will “clear” your roof, and will be able to stretch out without being encumbered by power lines or building structures.

Encouraging this sideways growth to happen above the level of your roof is always a shrewd move. Not only is it safer, but it makes for a much more attractive yard.

Another benefit is that you will improve your views out your home’s windows. Rather than looking straight out into a mess of nearby branches and leaves, you will be able to look out across your yard – and look up to see the canopy of natural growth above your window’s level.

Elevating your trees helps turn your yard into a wooded glade rather than a tangle of eye-level greenery. Your yard can start to feel more like a forest than a cluster of short growth.

Tree Elevation Service in Cincinnati

We at Tree Images would be happy to visit your home, check out your trees, and talk with you about attempting tree elevation for your property. We provide free estimates for this type of work. It could be the best decision you make all year.