Landscaping Is Much More Than Planting Flowers

When we talk about landscaping, we are referring to many things. Depending on the available light and your yard’s north-south-east-west orientation, you have the choice of many possible outcomes. Let’s consider a typical Cincinnati yard, and what its landscaping might entail.

  • landscaping informationThe grass. Certainly, the grass is a big part of it. With this humid climate, grass tends to flourish here, but sometimes can use some human intervention. Re-seeding, re-sodding, nursing back to health, all part of the landscaper’s world. If rains go from healthy hydration to over-saturation and flooding, then the grass can suffer. It often does not take much work to fix your greenery, but it can make a dramatic difference in the health and beauty of your overall yard ecosystem. Lush, thriving grass is the backbone of a beautiful exterior.
  • The trees. We are Tree Images, so trees were certain to come up. Maintaining the health and stability of the yard’s tree population is an ongoing concern. Trimming back tree branches, enabling growth and sustainability, keeping the house and other parts of the property shielded from potential branch falls, and overseeing root health all factor into this work. Safety, aesthetics, and long-term development are all part of our considerations. Planning for ideal trees is always a smart move.
  • The stumps. Sometimes we remove tree stumps, and sometimes the owner prefers to leave them in the ground. Sometimes a tree removal merits digging out the stump, and sometimes the stump can be repurposed into something else. There are many options. Many homeowners are surprised at how much of their yard they can regain by removing a stump and a full root system entirely. So much of the stump’s sprawl is underground. Gardens and greenery can really flourish once that dead wood leaves the scene. Of course, though, the ultimate decisions for the stumps are always up to the owner.
  • The bushes. Trimming the topiary, whether it involves sculpting them into animal shapes or just giving them the old high-and-tight flat top, is a frequent cause for visit. Bushes, hedges, and all manner of shrubs enter into the landscaping world. Having artfully managed bushes can not only increase your curb appeal dramatically, but it can raise and enhance the stylistic charm of the entire street. You may think your hedges are merely functional. We can present options that you may not have considered.
  • The natural features. Do you have a koi pond? A stream? A creek? A boulder? A steep hill? A rocky ledge? We can help. We love detailed landscaping, and we work with you so that you can let us know exactly how you would like to maintain or expand upon your existing landscaping. We can also enhance your existing layout so that is better for entertaining guests, or so that it becomes a better playground for kids and dogs.
  • The garden. We love gardening, and whether it is for food or purely for beauty, we can advise, assist, and advocate for your garden beds. Consider us your substitute groundskeeper. If there is anything you would like to accomplish in the realm of gardening that you are not yet doing, Tree Images can help you get there. We can also help you plan your garden for the different seasons — having spring plantables and summer updates can keep your garden beds in a healthy rotation. There is so much to consider with your planting, whether your goal is to raise edibles or to create a beautiful setting.

For any and all landscaping needs in the Greater Cincinnati area, please contact Tree Images at 513-528-4167. Your trees, grass, shrubbery, hedges, flowers, and yard décor are our passion, and we are at your beck and call.