Removing Dead Trees Has Many Benefits

Why is it Important to Remove Dead Trees?

cutting trees for removal

One of Tree Images’ primary tasks is to improve the health of local landscapes by removing dead trees. Keeping current trees healthy is also important, but sometimes it is too late to save an ailing tree. Taking it down is sometimes the smartest move.

There are many reasons why we recommend removing dead trees sooner rather than later. For one, it often costs less to remove a tree that has recently died, rather than waiting until it decomposes.

Here are some other reasons to get dead trees off your property:

Dead trees can fall

As a tree decays and decomposes, the roots can pull up. A falling tree could damage your house, kill other trees or injure your family. No matter which way the tree goes down, it could cause damage or injury.

As a safety concern, it is best to act quickly when a tree expires. Removing a dead tree before it falls is a case of “a good offense is the best defense.”

Branches can fall

The same goes for the branches of a dead tree, which can fall anytime. Not only can they impose a danger as a tree decomposes, but they are a liability if they land on your neighbor’s property.

Identifying the most vulnerable branches and removing them cleanly ASAP is the wisest course of action. It is much better to be proactive in handling the branches of dead trees, than waiting for them to cause destruction.

Sick trees spread disease

If your tree died from a disease, it can pass the illness along to your other plants. Tree diseases often present in the form of powdery mildews, which can affect your entire yard.

These airborne infections can be extremely difficult to contain once they start to spread, so nipping them in the bud (pun intended) when they are still in a single tree could save your whole landscape. Getting rid of one dead tree can be putting it out of its misery.

Dead trees look bad

Whether or not you are trying to sell your house, you want to property to look its best. Having a rotting tree in the yard can hurt curb appeal significantly.

Do your neighbors a favor and beautify your lawn by removing dead vegetation. Evicting a dead tree could be precisely the aesthetic lift your lawn needs.

Dead trees lure pests

Just as vultures are drawn to animal carcasses, other scavenging animals are drawn to dead trees. Rats and termites can move from a decomposing tree into the foundation of your house. Don’t give them the chance!

Get rid of any appealing potential home for those rats and termites, and prevent your foundation from getting infested. Removing a dead tree can be the equivalent of having a hundred roach motels. Or termite inns, cicada condominiums, whatever the case may be!

Insurance may cover the costs

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the entire cost of dead tree removal. Some policies cover this in order to lower the risk of a dead tree falling. It is worth checking your policy to see if you can avoid paying out of pocket.

No matter what your reason may be, attending to dead or dying plant growth is an easy way to prevent potential damage, and can make your home look cleaner and more beautiful.

A Cincinnati Company That Removes Dead Trees Just A Phone Call Away!

Don’t hesitate to call us for a no-obligation free estimate to enhance your yard and prune your foliage. The dead tree you remove today could lead to the sprouting of a hundred healthy new branches on your other trees.

Maintaining the health of our Cincinnati landscape is our top priority. Reach out to us at 513-528-4167, or use the form below, for a free estimate. Your yard and your greenery will thank you for it!

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