Four Great Trees to Plant in Ohio For a Gorgeous Yard

japanese maple treeThese four trees do especially well in the yards of southern Ohio. Here are the strengths of each of these trees. We recommend planting in April, May, or November.

  1. The Japanese Maple

This tree, also called “Acer palmatum,” only grows to 25 feet tall. This makes it especially good for smaller yards and compact spaces. This comparatively petite standing makes the Japanese maple live well with other types of trees, as well as bushes or shrubbery.

  1. The Sargent Cherry

The great thing about this one, aka “Prunus sargentii,” is that you do not need to do much to maintain it. It requires very little pruning, and it has amazing, cloud-like blooms. The Sargent cherry is also very resistant to pests, so you do not need to worry as much about little creatures doing damage to it. It is a hardy tree, this one.

  1. The Norway Spruce

This one, whose scientific name is “Picea abies,” can tolerate air pollution. It also functions as a privacy screen, and it retains its color throughout the winter months. If you live in a high-traffic area, or near factories or industrial sites, the Norway spruce can do a good job of keeping those nasty winds out of your yard.

  1. The Serviceberry

The serviceberry tree, aka “Amelanchier canadensis,” is perfect for attracting birds. More than 20 different species of bird are drawn to the little, white flowers of the serviceberry. These flowers bloom into a fruit every June, and this fruit attracts even more birds. This tree does especially well in the winter, too.