Four Tips for Planting a New Shade Tree

Cincinnati tree service and tips

Cooling down your yard the natural way, by planting a tree that will provide shade, is a smart way to make your property more comfortable.

In the scorching heat of summer, having some shade can go a long way in encouraging picnics, hangouts, and outdoor relaxation.

How can you be smart about your new planting? What should you bear in mind?

  1. Make the hole the right size

Your new tree will have a container. You want to dig a hole that is the depth of that container – not deeper than that – and two or three times as wide as that container. Having that width will let the sapling’s roots spread out properly. 

  1. Plant when it is cool

When the sun is blazing at its hottest, the young tree can get stressed. It is wiser to plant at dusk or in the early morning before the temperatures really rise. Keep in mind that you want to stress the baby tree as little as possible.

  1. Don’t pull out the tree

You do not need to pull the tree out of its container – that disrupts its root ball and stresses it. Instead, just cut the container away. You can put the intact root ball straight into the hole you have dug, and the root ball will be comfortably laid out, just how it was already resting.

  1. Do not prune yet

Let your young tree grow for at least one full year before pruning. This will give it a chance to grow on its own first. Cutting it back so soon in its growth and development can do unintended damage. The tree removal service will not be necessary for the sapling yet either.