How Much Does it Cost to Have A Tree Removed?

There can be a good deal of variance in the cost of removing a tree. Most of this variance is based on the height of the tree. Most tree removal companies charge based on the height of the tree. There may be a per-foot cost for any tree, so of course a 40-foot tree will cost much less than a 90-foot tree.

What Affects Tree Removal Cost?

Other questions come up when trying to estimate such a cost. It is never possible to know a tree condition from roots to top, in full – there may be compromised parts of the tree that will cause parts to break off midway through the process. Any time large branches can come down, it adds to the hazard of the job, and to the difficulty of the preparations. The tree removal service needs to be able to take the tree down without injuring any buildings nearby, and ideally should be able to remove the tree without damaging neighboring trees.

If you want to transplant the tree to another part of your property – if that is possible given the tree’s condition – that adds to the final cost of the total job as well.

If the tree in question has already fallen, the good news is that the removal cost will be significantly lower than it would be if the tree were in perfect health and standing. A big reason for this is that the structures on the property are not in danger – that concern over the house and other structures adds a great deal to the cost and challenge of the project.