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We are a Cincinnati tree service, so for us, Louisville is only 100 miles away. In many ways, Louisville is an identical climate to Cincinnati. Humid in the summers, often snowy in the winter, with deciduous and coniferous trees dotting the landscape and covering the hills. We live in a beautiful part of the country, and the trees to a lot to make it that way.

There is a new project in Louisville that caught our attention for a number of reasons. The “Green Heart Project” is a study on the long-term health impact of trees. The study will look at stress, respiratory health, cardiovascular health, and general social comfort.

The idea is that more trees lead to healthier people, and that planting and maintaining trees in a neighborhood improves not only the quality of life, but the quality of health. (This Cincinnati tree service has an inkling that the study will show deep connections between health and trees, but we are a bit biased.)

The Green Heart Project study is sponsored and administered by the Institute for Healthy Air, Water, and Soil — who are collaborating with the Nature Conservancy. The project will last for five years.

A doctor whose specialty is environmental cardiology, Dr. Aruni Bathnagar, will be working on the Green Heart Project for the next five years as well.

The groups working on the Green Heart Project chose Louisville in part because the city has higher levels of air pollution than most cities in the United States. The American Lung Association gave Louisville an “F” rating for the past six years in a row. And while the national percentage of people suffering from asthma is 8 percent, in Louisville that percentage is 13 percent.

We look forward to seeing how the study impacts our neighbors to the southwest, and how it impacts public opinion on greening our cities.

As your Cincinnati tree service, we here at Tree Images want to assist you in keeping your yard healthy and thriving. We can give you a free estimate on how your property could improve, if you call us at 513-528-4167.


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