Why Trees Are So Important

Your Cincinnati Tree Provides Many Benefits

Cincinnati Tree ImagesThe importance of trees (and tree health) is often overlooked here in the Cincinnati area. Trees help improve and protect our environment and it’s why tree inspection and proper maintenance and tree services are so vital. As an example, trees absorb CO2 by removing and storing the carbon particles, while at the same time releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. One acre of trees will absorb the amount of CO2 that a car generates by driving 26,000 miles. This same acre of trees can provide a continuous supply of oxygen for 18 people. In a single year, one mature tree will produce all the oxygen that six families would need in that year.

Trees and Energy Costs

Trees surrounding a home can reduce air conditioning bills by as much as 50 percent. This also results in a reduction of polluting emissions from a power plant. These trees will clean the air, and serve as the number-one oxygen producer on the planet


Trees provide another benefit for the family, by proving much-needed shade for children playing in the yard. Direct sunlight can predispose children to skin cancer and other skin problems, and a shaded yard can counteract that.

Conserve Water

By slowing the evaporation of water from lawns, trees also help to conserve water. Trees do not need much water to thrive, and often their roots go deep into the ground to get whatever water they use.


Trees add an aesthetic beauty to homes. Shapely trees are attractive, and they add value to the property. A barren lot, devoid of trees, is not nearly as attractive as one that has properly-spaced, thriving trees.

Obviously, it is important that we protect the health of trees. A yearly tree inspection can catch diseases and fungi before they damage the trees, and before any destructive conditions can spread to other trees. Diseases that are in their earliest stages are usually not readily apparent to the untrained eye, and require the services of a trained arborist or tree doctor. If you are interested in a FREE ESTIMATE for Cincinnati tree services, contact Tree Images today.