Ways to Keep Your Cincinnati Trees Healthy

old tree with swingTrees are independent, and require very little care. In fact, you can endanger a tree by over-caring for it. Too much water and too much fertilizer can damage a large tree. Of course, drought conditions will require some watering of the tree to keep it alive. Usually, though, mature trees require very little assistance.

Here are some steps you can take to keep your Cincinnati trees healthy!

Mulch Regularly

Applying mulch around the trees keeps moisture in the soil and suppresses weeds. There are several mulching materials you can use. Use biodegradable mulch such as shredded autumn leaves, wood chips, or cocoa hulls. A mulching material should be applied at a depth of one to four inches. It is best to apply the mulch at least three feet from the tree trunk.

Avoid Over-Watering And Over Fertilizing

Mature trees require very little water and food other than what they get from the ground. Keep in mind that mature trees can be damaged by too much water and any amount of fertilizer, unless this is recommended by a tree expert. Avoid contact with garden and lawn herbicides.

Avoid Pruning (kind of)

Other than pruning damaged or dead branches, pruning can be harmful. Thinning the crowded growth of branches in the center of the tree, however, is a good action to take. Crossing branches that rub each other can cause wounds to the bark; removing these will make the tree look better, and will let light in to the center of the tree.

Protect Healthy Roots

Healthy tree roots are necessary for healthy tree growth. Healthy soil is soil that is not so compacted that it restricts water and oxygen from reaching the roots.

Watch For Warning Signs of Stress

If the leaves are not the right color, or if they are withering or have dark spots, then it’s an indication that the tree is stressed. This condition warrants an inspection by a tree expert.

Professional Cincinnati Tree Services To Keep Trees Healthy

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