All About The Maple Tree

tree images maple treeThe maple tree has a fascinating history, and it has many uses in our society. There are 128 species of the maple tree, but 54 species are faced with extinction resulting from the loss of their habitat.

The sugar maple tree is one variety found in North America, and the oldest sugar maple is thought to be over 500 years old, with a trunk circumference of 20 feet. Known as “the Comfort,” it is located in Canada.

The size of the maple tree depends on the species. Some maple trees can be grown as a bonsai plants, and other maple trees can grow to 145 feet in height.

Maple trees are known for their sap, which is boiled into maple syrup. A sugar maple tree cannot produce sap until it is 30 years old, and it takes 40 to 50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

Maple trees in the Cincinnati area are best known for their vibrant and beautiful fall colors, but these trees also provide plentiful shade. The shade is such that it will inhibit the growth of grass and other plants underneath the tree, and even nearby.

The maple tree has other uses as well. Maple is considered to be a tonewood, which is a wood that carries sound waves. It is often used in musical instruments. Most parts of violas, violins, and cellos are constructed from maple.

Maple is also used to make baseball bats, bowling alley lanes, bowling pins, furniture, and butcher blocks. Paper made from the maple tree has superb printing qualities. The Birdseye Maple is used in furniture making.

Dried maple tree wood is used for smoking food, and the charcoal made from maple is important in the process of distilling Tennessee whiskey.

While the sturdy maple tree has many uses, Cincinnati homeowners appreciate the maple tree for its stately beauty and the marvelous fall colors that paint the landscape. Maple trees need the same maintenance as other trees, and this means trimming and pruning. Some homeowners prefer to have their maple trees shaped, while others prefer the more natural state. However, the tree trimming services for thinning of the wild branches in the center of the tree is recommended.