Ten Reasons You Want More Trees Around Your Home

old tree with swing

As the winter kicks in, and the deciduous trees go naked for a spell, we can forget what trees do for us. Here’s a reminder of ten ways they help.

1. Trees Cool Your Home in the Summer

The US Department of Agriculture says a young tree cools your house as much as having 10 room-sized air conditioners running 20 hours per day. Shade makes a bigger difference that many of us think.

2. Trees Keep Your Home Warmer in the Winter

By blocking the cold wind, your trees raise the internal temperature of your home when it’s cold out, too. Your doors and windows do not need to insulate as much when the trees are running interference for you.

3. Trees Improve Your Air Quality

An average tree can remove 300 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year, and can produce around 260 pounds of oxygen each year. As the average human inhales less than 400 pounds of annual oxygen, that’s huge.

4. Trees Minimize Your Stress

A Texas A&M study found that looking at trees for five minutes each day has a noticeable effect on diminishing your stress.

5. Trees Require Little Maintenance

An annual checkup is smart, but all told, trees are easier to care for than other greenery.

6. Trees Make Your Home Quieter

Noise pollution is real. Even if you are not on a busy street, having trees blocking the automobile noise can add significantly to your quality of life.

7. Trees Protect You from the Street

The trees help absorb the emissions from those cars driving by, too!

8. Trees Reduce Your Energy Bills

Planting even one tree reduces your energy bills by an average of three percent within five years.

9. Trees Help the Environment

More oxygen, more places for birds and squirrels to thrive, and less storm runoff.

10. Trees Increase Your Property Value

The green cover increases your home’s privacy, and buyers love that. The USDA Forest Service says healthy trees can boost your property value by more than 10%.