Three Tips for Landscaping Your Cincinnati Yard

well landscaped yard

landscaping informationNow that we are under Shelter In Place, some of us have a bit more time to work on the back yard. Now might be the perfect time to pick up a few landscaping tricks, right? Here are a few.

  1. Use Landscape Fabric Under Walkways

When you use weed fabric, you can keep gravel or mulch from sinking down into the ground in walkways. This weed fabric is not of much use where you have planted grasses or flowers. Under a walkway, though, it can keep the walkway-covering material fresh, and out of the mud.

  1. Know When to Buy Bulk, and When to Buy Bagged

If you can back your truck (or car or SUV) right up to the spot where you can drop the soil, then go for the bulk soil. If you need to load it out of the vehicle and move it – carry it around the side of the house, for example – then stick to the bagged soil. It is hard to transport that bulk soil. The same goes for mulch and stone.

  1. Hold On to Your Leaves

Sending leaves to a landfill? Your dead leaves can come in so handy. Some of it you should just mow into the lawn. It provides nutrients for those beloved earthworms, and helps fertilize the grass as well. If you have a leaf shredding lawn vac or leaf blower, you can grind these leaves up to use for mulch. You can add some of it to your compost pile too, or into the vegetable garden before you plant your winter cover crops.