Topiary Hygiene? Your Landscaping Needs Attention Too

Particularly in this age of fancy beards — the era of Dollar Shave Club, moustache wax, and lumberjack chic — men often compare their facial hair to natural plant growth. “Woodsy topiary.” “Facial forest.” “Handsome hedges.”

And it is certainly true that trimming your beard, particularly if you do it with long scissors rather than an electric trimmer, feels a bit like pruning and trimming your yard’s greenery.

Having Tree Images visit your home and trim your bushes is like paying for a great haircut — and a great beard-cut. Our landscape professionals have the tools to make your shrubbery beautifully contoured. Your yard thicket can look masterfully refined if you get a professional trim, and much as when you get your beard well-pruned, such an improvement can make the whole surroundings look much more attractive.

It’s not that we don’t think you can do a great job clipping your own hirsute lawn-growth — we’re sure you can. But having a true tree barber pay a visit is a great feeling. Your yard will look classy, symmetrical, and welcoming.

Removing dead or dying scrub can only help as well. Giving your yard a very clean, ‘intentional” appearance will most certainly earn the approving nods of your neighbors.

Trimming Your Yard To Keep It Looking Sharp

So please consider Tree Images when you think about shaving — I mean, pruning — your shrubbery. We have worked on some of Cincinnati’s loveliest yards for many years, and we can bring your hedges an elegant, classic, virile look that is the perfect complement to your home.