What are the Coolest Hedge Designs?


In Australia, there is a company called Jim’s Mowing. As they are an ocean away, we do not see Jim’s Mowing competing for our customers. Therefore, we have no hesitation in directing you to this page on the Jim’s Mowing website.

“What is it?,” you ask.

“Hedges,” we reply. “Magnificent hedges.”

We have seen those epic hedge mazes some families have on large estates in the United Kingdom. Some have been featured in movies as well. (The Shining, anyone?)

Hedge mazes are incredible, and do require an impressive amount of maintenance.

But what else can these hedges do?

Sculptures, of course. An ostrich carved out of hedge stock, say, or a pyramid. If you want to confuse some alien-seekers, you could sculpt your hedges into giant crop circles that are visible from space. That would be ambitious.

Here are three other interesting ways to use hedges:

  1. Wall gardens

Wall gardens, or vertical gardens, are thousands of years old. A well-managed hedge can make a sumptuous addition to a wall garden, and can be cut into geometric designs or used as structural elements.

  1. Living fences

Why settle for a white picket fence or an iron gate around the perimeter of your property? You could grow hedges that come up into the precise shape you would have for your fence – even more than six feet tall if you would like that added privacy.

  1. Walkways

Have you ever seen the bean arches that Joe Pera grows in the television show, Joe Pera Talks To You? Pera first sets up a metal framework, and then lets the beans grow up from ground on either side, meeting and interlacing at the top of the arch. It is lovely and elegant. You could do this with hedges and bushes, too.