What are Three Misconceptions About Landscaping?

sprinkler watering yard

We hear a lot of “old wives’ tales” and “things people just know” about yard care and garden care that are simply misconceptions. What are some of the most common ones?

  1. You Should Only Plant in the Spring

Not true! Some trees, particularly, perform better if you plant them in the autumn. And the summer may be tough for a lot of young plants, but much of this can be overcome with careful and generous watering. Since stores that sell garden supplies often grant big discounts in the other times of year, you may be able to save a lot of money by investing in the off months.

  1. You Should Mow Short

We get it. You do not want to mow as often, so you want to go short. You want the equivalent of giving yourself a buzz cut with your electric clippers so that you can wait a few months for a haircut. But mowing super-short can actually be quite harmful to your yard. The super-short grass is susceptible to being scalded by the sunlight, much like your buzz-cut scalp would be susceptible to sunburns. Exposing the grass roots directly to the sun can damage them badly. We suggest mowing your grass no shorter than three inches, so that you aren’t burning the roots.

  1. Landscapers Are Basically Grass-cutters

Nothing wrong with lawn maintenance, but landscape companies offer SO much more than just that. From hardscape installation and landscape planning, to consultations over garden development, to design and implementation of water features, to tree care, pruning, stump removal, snow removal, and emergency services. We trim bushes and hedges too.