Five Tips To Prepare For Summer, From A Cincinnati Landscaping Company

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Not only do we specialize in trees, we’re one of many Cincinnati landscaping companies in the area. And as such, we like sharing lawn care tips that we have picked up through the years – especially when the weather gets warmer and the landscaping is more needed.

Here are five tips for making your lawn a perfect warm-weather specimen:

Don’t Fertilize Once the Summer Starts

If you use fertilizers, they increase the impact of sunlight. This can burn the soil, and boost the amount of heat in the soil. Water will evaporate, and prevent your plants from getting nutrients. You could kill off all of your grass and plants by using fertilizers during hot weather.

Remove Thatches

The decaying plant matter that gets caught in your grass? Those are thatches. You want to rake those thatches out, because they keep air and water from getting deep into the grass and feeding it. You can remove these thatches with a pitchfork and then re-seed, or you can just pull them out with a rake.

Don’t Mow Too Short

You do not want to cut your grass more than a third of its total length. Leaving it a bit longer than you might otherwise think will help the leaf canopy grow, and will provide more healthy shade to the soil. That way the sun’s rays will not damage the soil, and the water on the lawn will not evaporate before soaking into the soil. Generally, you want to leave your grass about two inches high.

Get Rid of those Weeds

Look for tiny white bulbs and remove them. You can pick them apart or use weed killers; the former is preferred. Once you’ve cleared the area, you can lay mulch to prevent other weeds from appearing. Cover any of your yard that gets a lot of sun, as those bright, more scorched areas are more susceptible to weed growth.

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