Too Much Rain Affect Your Garden in Many Ways

We all know that plants love water. Too much water, though, and these plants can suffer.

For one, this excess water can compact the soil. When this happens, and the soil gets dense with standing water that is not absorbed into the groundwater, then the level of oxygen lowers. This injures plants, and impedes the photosynthesis process which helps the plant grow. Having lower levels of oxygen in the soil also prevents new growth from happening, and can choke down plants that are already struggling to survive.

Too Much Rainwater And Your Cincinnati Garden

The excess rainwater can also cause erosion and root loss. The roots can become diminished, weakening the plant’s bond to the soil. As the ground erodes and is washed away in the rain, the plants can simply wash away with the soil.

These heavy rains can also leach crucial nitrogen out of the ground. This nitrogen is very important for photosynthesis, and is a natural fertilizing element that fosters growth and healthy plant survival.

Some things you can do to protect your garden:

  • Keep space around your plants to ensure that they get enough oxygen.
  • Choose native plants, which are better suited to Cincinnati’s conditions.
  • Make raised flowerbeds and plant beds. These raised beds drain better than typical beds whenever the rains come heavy.
  • Use organic material in your soil – or add it to your soil – to make the drainage easier.
  • Plant a rain garden. This is a lowered (depressed) planted area that you design to soak up all of the runoff rainwater.