Make Your Home’s Yard Beautiful With Professional Landscaping

We are lucky to live here in Cincinnati, where greenery flourishes. Our yards and trees thrive in this weather, and it opens up endless possibilities for our yards. When you get a seasoned team of Cincinnati landscapers to work on your home, it is astonishing what you can do.

Here at Tree Images, we would love to take a look at your yard and see what might be possible. We provide free estimates, and those estimates can include a range of options, from simple and elegant to dramatic and glorious. Let our team of expert Cincinnati landscapers show you what your backyard paradise could look like.

Just a few of the types of yard treatments within reach:

  • Koi pond or fish pond

Imagine having a fully stocked, fish-filled pond. Picture snapping turtles, or darting red fish in a lush, burbling lake.

  • Terraced gardens

Adding the dimensionality of terraces can transform your yard into a stately, multi-tiered layout.

  • Water garden

The brilliant aquaculture possibilities can give your backyard a luxurious appeal.

  • Raised flower beds

Having a set of raised beds, you can swap different flower arrangements in and out around the year, while keeping pests at bay. Imagine the flurry of colors.

  • Waterfall

The relaxation that can come from hearing a waterfall right out your window? Nothing compares to it.

Here is a set of 37 backyard paradises that Hadley Mendelsohn and Caroline Picard wrote about and photographed in February of 2019.