How Often Should I Water My Yard?

For many of us, as kids, we learned to water our grass a few times each week. Truth be told, that is not the wisest approach to lawn maintenance.

Take it from the best landscaping company in Cincinnati — it is smarter to water less often.

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Less Is More – Yard Watering Tips

Picking one time a week for your lawn watering is the better way to go. The key to making it work, though, is to water for a longer time.

You want to make sure the water you add seeps way down into the roots of the grass. And for this, you want to add at least once inch of water to your lawn when you water.

You can set a few shallow containers in different parts of your yard to test it. You can use teacups and mugs for this. Just mark once inch up from the bottom, and check to see when the water hits the mark in most of your containers. When the mugs have an inch of water in them, you know you’ve watered your lawn enough.

By following this approach — watering less frequently but more deeply — you inspire your grass to plant itself deeper into the ground. The roots go deeper into the soil, and this way they can stay green during dry weather. When it gets very hot or arid, those deeper roots will continue to sprout green grass after your neighbors’ lawns turn yellow.