Five Steps to a Greener Yard – Landscaping Tips

We often hear the question, “What can I do to make my yard more green?” And, as a Cincinnati landscaping company, part of our job is helping you make your lawn as healthy and vibrant as we can.

Here are a few things you can do to improve the health and appearance of your yard:

  1. Water your grass less frequently, but for longer spans

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If you are watering your lawn a few times each week, for a short while, you should reconsider. It is a smarter move to water only once a week, but to leave the sprinklers on for a longer span of time. You want to get a full inch of water onto your grass, and this takes a while. One full inch of watering, once a week, will encourage your grass to grow its roots deeper into the soil.

  1. Choose fertilizers that are natural and organic

Organic lawn fertilizers make for greener lawns. Those synthetic fertilizers are bad for the environment, but they also produce lesser results.

  1. Think about a reel mower

Reel mowers are great. They cut your yard more like scissors, rather than tearing the grass. Rotary lawnmowers, the ones most of us grew up using, are okay if their blades are sharp, but reel mowers are healthier for your grass. Also be sure not to cut your grass too short or too long — keeping a moderate length is best to foster full lawn coverage.

  1. Don’t bag your grass – return it to the lawn

These clippings decompose quickly, and then return nutrients to the ground. It makes it easier for your lawn to hold onto rainwater (and sprinkler water) if you have grass clippings in the mix, too. Opt for natural mulch by leaving the clippings on the lawn, and then you can reduce your yard waste to near-zero as an added benefit.