How To Make Sure You Are Using A Legitimate Tree Service Company

The situation is all too common in Cincinnati. A guy will walk up to your door, ring your doorbell, and make an unsolicited offer. He’ll trim your trees, because he noticed they needed trimming.

This may sound all well and good, but there are a number of reasons to say no to this offer.

The main reason to avoid these unsolicited offers is that they are not licensed companies.

Choose An Experienced, Reputable Cincinnati Tree Service Company

You want a legitimate, licensed tree service company to work on your yard. If anything goes wrong, an unlicensed company has zero responsibility. If they drop a heavy branch on your car and break your windshield, you are out of luck and have no recourse. If these guys do anything to injure your tree — this is a much more likely thing to happen — you have no way to hold them responsible for their actions.

These “walk-by” tree cutters have no insurance. If they themselves become injured on the job, they can sue you. These fly-by-night trimmers often engage in unsafe practices. You do not want one of them falling from your tree, breaking an arm (or worse), and then hitting you with thousands of dollars of their hospital bills.

Tree service companies become licensed so that can become legitimate players in the local economy, paying taxes and contributing to the community. They also become licensed so that the tree service industry can offer a sense of trust and accountability.

These offers are often from people with zero training or knowledge of tree health. You need to know which trees require which kinds of cuts, and how best to cut a branch so that it encourage future growth and recovery. Random guys with chainsaws usually lack this education in arborism. Choose a true professional service, and the service will have the proper knowledge and training.