Is It Cheaper To Remove Or Trim A Tree?

Trimming, or pruning, a tree in your yard can be pricey. Getting a tree manicured and sculpted to just the way you want it to appear? It can cost up to $1,000+.

Remove or Trim The Tree

We would need to see the yard and the tree in question to provide an accurate estimate. But size makes a difference — a 30-foot tree may be trimmable for under $300, while a 60-foot tree is more likely to cost between $500 and $900+ to take on. Height equals additional equipment, more danger, more potential hazards, and simply many more branches to deal with.

Tree Emergency?

trimming tall tree

If it is an emergency tree service, that brings on additional cost. If a tree’s limbs have fallen onto a building or a car roof or a pool or power lines, and need to be dealt with immediately, that urgent move to the top of the queue costs extra.

Sometimes it can cost more to prune a tree — particularly a very tall tree — if it has been eons since it has been trimmed. If a tree is sick, this can add to costs as well.

And how does that stack up against the costs for tree removal? Well, again… that depends. We would need to take a look.

Tree Service In Cincinnati

Removing a small tree, of course, costs less than bringing down an 80-foot oak. And if a tree has almost nothing around it or near it, that makes it much easier to remove, and therefore much less expensive to remove. Pricing is dependent on many factors. Allow us the opportunity to provide an affordable tree service quote at no cost to you!