What to Look For When Searching for the Best Tree Service Company

tree branchWe here at Tree Images were happy to find this article in the Washington Post — an esteemed journalistic entity — titled “How to Find a Good Tree Service.”

Kevin Brasler’s article is solid. It certainly does a fair job of explaining why you should get frequent estimates on your trees. You need professional inspections at least once a year, to make sure nothing has changed in the interim.

When the seasons swing back and forth as violently as they do in Cincinnati, those big storms can wreak havoc. It’s not just tornadoes that can cause big damage to our trees. Even a strong wind — without rain — can uproot an aging tree.

You know why you need a tree company. But what should you look for?

What To Look For When Searching For A Tree Company

Free estimates

Every tree service company should offer free estimates. We here at Tree Images certainly do. There is no reason a company should not be willing to at least come take a look and offer advice, whether or not you need any work done right away. It is, at the very least, neighborly.

Having that free estimate will give you a chance to meet the person that would be doing that work. You can sense right away whether this is a person you want working in your yard. If you feel uncomfortable, trust your feelings. Getting a “bad vibe” from a contractor is nothing to be scared of. You have instincts for a reason. Find a contractor that is easy to talk to and approachable, and find one that has no problem answering your questions in a satisfactory manner.

Make sure they’re insured

Ask to make sure the company has liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. You do not want an employee of the company — perhaps just an hourly contractor — injuring himself (or herself) in your yard and then suing you. Tree care is challenging, very physical work, and there is a possibility of injury. Make sure that you can protect yourself from liability.

(Tree Images is, of course, fully insured, both for liability and for workers’ compensation.)

Ask what work they would recommend

Would this company make sure your power lines are clear? Would they clear away limbs that may be coming dangerously close to your windows are gutters? Are they taking care to make sure branches do not obscure traffic signs or block drivers’ line of vision?

Hopefully, any tree services company worth its salt would recommend any or all of the above. Ideally, they would offer pruning, not just for tidiness and safety but for the health of the trees.

There is such a thing as recommending too much work, however. In comparing services, if one company is offering to work on every single tree, as well as every bush and shrub, it may an excuse to pad the bill.

Talk about tree health

You want an arborist. A tree surgeon. You want someone who understands botany and tree health — not just a groundskeeper who can trim branches.

Ask the representative from your potential tree service company to address the health of your trees. What are signs of robust growth? What are troubling signs? Which branches are dead or diseased? What do cracks on the trunk indicate?

If the professional can answer questions like that convincingly, it’s a good sign.

Please let us know if you have anything you want to ask. Tree Images has been caring for Cincinnati’s forests and yards for many years, and we are always able to offer free estimates. May your home and garden be healthy and verdant.