Why You Should Leave Tree Care To The Experts

We understand why you may want to maintain your own trees. Much like trimming the grass, it means you’re getting fresh air. It’s also your yard, so understandable why you would want to pour your own sweat equity into your trees as well.

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Tree Service Is A Specialty Service

Really, though, you want to leave your trees to the Cincinnati tree professionals. You can prune your own bushes and shrubs, and certainly mow your own grass, but the trees actually do call for specific equipment and specific expertise. Here are three reasons why it’s best to call Cincinnati’s best tree companies to prune and care for your trees:

  1. You could make your crown lopsided

If you have power lines in the way, or want to avoid growing over into your neighbors’ yard, or have other obstacles, then that is certainly a valid reason to trim a tree back. Many people going DIY will make those cuts without making parallel cuts on the opposite side of the tree. When this happens, the crown can get off-balance — too much removal from one side sending it off-center — and it can impact the future growth and future health of the tree. Making the tree’s structure unstable like this could cause a tree to blow over during strong winds.

  1. You could cut off branches in the middle

You want to cut branches close to the mother stem. This goes for big branches as well as the littler ones. Mid-branch cuts require more nutrients for the tree to heal, and those mid-branch cuts can cause quite a shock to the system for the tree.

  1. You could accidentally remove the collars

You know those bumps where branches leave the trunk? Those are called branch collars. These bumpy areas have cells which can repair the branch. When you prune, you do not want to take off these collars. Removing them could expose your tree to diseases and insect infestations. Keep the branch collars on.