Don’t Fight the Wind, When It Comes To Your Trees

windy treeWe are all familiar with these variations on Confucianist sayings:

“The tree that does not bend will surely break.”

“The virtue of the superior man is wind; the virtue of the small person is grass. When wind passes over it, the grass is sure to bend.”

Another universal truth we can extrapolate from this:

“The tree that works with the wind can live another day.”

Trimming A Tree Is Good For The Tree, And Your Property

Simply put, trees need to allow wind to pass through them. A tree that blocks that wind can snap. If a tree is too dense or thick to let a breeze go through it, then strong storm winds will cause limbs and branches to snap off.

Thinning a tree can prevent these limbs from snapping and falling off in high winds.

Cincinnati Tree Trimming Specialists

Our landscape professionals at Tree Images can inspect your trees, and determine whether or not the tree growth is too dense to allow for air to flow through. Careful, well-considered tree pruning can not only enable air to pass, but it can make the tree more aesthetically pleasing, and more hospitable for nesting or feeding birds. And those breezes sighing and whistling through your trees is a lovely accompaniment for falling asleep at night.

Contact us today for a free estimate, and we can make sure your trees are prepared for those mighty winter winds. A trimmed, thinned tree can withstand some intense storms – tornadoes, even – while a tightly clustered, overgrown tree can create a hazard in such situations. Make sure your tree is one that can work with the wind rather than fight it.