What Determines Tree Removal Cost?

As you might imagine, there are a number of reasons why some trees cost more than others to remove. Height is indeed part of the equation. A relatively short tree — less than 25 feet, or approximately the height of a two-story home — starts between $150 and $500. If a tree goes up to 75 feet high, it can cost as much as $1,000+. And any tree taller than 75 feet will mostly likely cost you more than $1,500 to remove.

Tree Removal Related Services

Aside from chopping down the tree, the landscaping company will usually need to cut down the pieces into more manageable sizes. Often, the company will haul away the remainder of the tree at no extra charge.

Other parts of the job that may cost more:

  • Limb Chipping — Instead of just hauling the limbs away, you can have the company feed them into a chipper. This usually costs less than $100.
  • Log Splitting — The landscaping company can often split the trunk of the tree into firewood-ready logs for you. This, too, is usually under $100.
  • Tree Trunk Cutting — If the company does not remove the trunk entirely, and you do not want firewood logs, they should at least cut the trunk into smaller parts so that you can haul them away. If you ask them to haul away your trunk, it will probably cost at least an extra $50.
  • Stump Removal — Digging out a stump, especially if you want to grind the stump, can get costly. This alone will add up to $400 total, depending on the difficulty of the situation.

All that said, every situation is different and pricing can vary greatly. As an affordable tree service company in Cincinnati, Tree Images provides very competitive estimates and the professional work to back it up. Contact us today.