Why You Shouldn’t Let Tree Branches Get Out of Hand

Why do you need to tend to your branches? What can happen if the branches take over?

When you prune, the flowers and fruit grow better

Having tree branches trimmed gives the fruit room to grow. It lets more light in, which aids in the photosynthesis necessary to get that blossoming fruit. Having that air and light on the flowers lets them breathe more freely as well.

You may be preventing tree removal

Unpruned branches can hide tree-killing arbor diseases. Sick trees are easier to heal when the branches are kept at a modest length, and often it is those overgrown branches where the diseases start to take hold.

Diseased branches can spread their ill to other branches

If any illness is affecting your branches, that illness can jump from branch to branch, leaf to leaf, and flower to flower. Trimming away vulnerable branches can keep whatever ails the tree at bay.

Big falling branches can hurt people

Every year, emergency rooms deal with horrific accidents involving trees. Usually these are people in their own yards, minding their own business, who are struck and injured by heavy branches snapping and falling. Don’t let those branches become a menace.

Overgrown branches look terrible

Let’s face it — everyone sees your yard. The cosmetics of keeping your trees tidy is an easy and inexpensive way to beautify your living space.

Repairing tree damage is pricey

Ever seen a heavy tree limb fall through a garage door? Or destroy a living-room window? Or smash the windshield of a parked car? Prevent these expensive repairs by keeping branches shorter and lighter.