As People Return to Work, Professional Gardeners See an Increase

vegetables from gardening

vegetables from gardeningAccording to the market research company, Research and Markets, more people will hire landscaping companies to work on their home gardens.

In their report, published in June of 2020, the company shows that many of the people they polled began work on home gardens during the Shelter In Place. Now that more people are returning to their usual commutes, the work on these gardens must continue. Whether these are vegetable gardens, fruit gardens, or flower gardens, the new establishments will require upkeep. It may have been possible for people to tend these new gardens while working from home. But now that sheltering is diminishing in some areas – particularly overseas – these homeowners are needing to hire the services of landscaping companies to assist in caring for these gardens.

Landscaping Companies Can Help With New Gardening

While average homeowners may not be able to hire the services of “gardeners,” per se, they can afford to take on weekly hours with independent landscaping companies. These companies, who may also work on trees and cutting grass, are rising to challenge by making themselves available for service appointments on a weekly or biweekly basis.

This rising interest in the growing of crops could also lead these landscaping companies to offer compost delivery and compost delivery as add-on services. These companies may also offer to build raised garden beds, or to help with the tilling of soil.

If you are interested in working with Tree Images on an ongoing basis to help with the raising of food on your property, please contact us for a free consultation. This is an ideal time to start raising your own produce, and to feed your family from the bounty of your own garden.