How to be Careful Before Bigger Storms Hit

As a homeowner in southern Ohio, there are many things you do to prepare for rough weather.

First off, inspect your yard (or your yards). Look for broken tree limbs. See if any of your trees are leaning. Do any of them have large canopies?

In the event of strong winds, any of these limbs could topple, or break off. Any could potentially break windows, fall on cars, or hit the side of the house with such force that they damage siding or the structure itself.

Tree Service and Tree Care… BEFORE The Storms

trimming tall tree

Cutting these trees back and removing vulnerable limbs could save you thousands of dollars in repairs, and could prevent injuries.

As this news article demonstrates, from June of 2020 in Georgia, precautionary steps are crucial in protecting our property and our landscaping.

Pruning your trees can keep them from falling, and dangerously unsteady trees should be removed altogether.

If you have already had damage done to your home or vehicles due to trees, you should contact your insurance company immediately. In many cases, your homeowner insurance will cover at least some of the cost of tree removal and tree pruning. Your insurance company knows the value of both preventative measures and of quick, restorative cleanup and pruning.

You want to prune before a big storm hits. And given the intensity and severity of this year’s tornados in Greater Cincinnati already, we have every reason to believe that the rest of the summer could be brutal.

For a FREE ESTIMATE on what would be smart precautionary tree care measures for your yard, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Thank you, and please have a safe summer season.