Tree Services Come to the Rescue in Tennessee and New York

In early 2020, heavy rain caused a severe mudslide near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

One area near Signal Mountain Road was declared “unstable” by the Chattanooga Fire Department. An embarkment appeared to be on the verge of collapse, threatening a whole field of mobile homes in a nearby park.

That heavy rain caused a large tree to fall, taking out the power for the entire mobile home park of Edmonds Properties.

A local tree service company was brought onto the scene to remove any trees that could hurt the power lines or damage the trailer park.

Elsewhere, in the Long Island part of New York State, high-speed winds have been causing flying debris. These storms are jeopardizing many of the area’s trees, and local tree care companies have been on high alert, awaiting around-the-clock calls for emergency services.

To look for danger signs among these trees, companies are looking for cracks in trees, or cracks in the soil near the bases of the trees. These cracks could indicate that a tree is damaged or weak, and that it may be ready to fall.

If a tree is leaning, it may be another indication that the tree is in rough condition. Cutting a tree back can sometimes save or prolong its life, and may prevent more serious damage to nearby structures.

Throughout the season, the interaction of trees and power lines is always a cause for concern. Falling trees and falling branches can take out power for entire neighborhoods – and in the winter, when heating is essential, a power outage can potentially be deadly for elderly residents.