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How to Get Tree Sap Off of Your Car

car under trees

Tree sap can drip onto whatever is below, and unfortunately, sometimes that can be your car. Left alone for any amount of time, tree sap can be unsightly and sticky at best. At worst, it can ruin your car’s paint and lead to rust and...

How Do Tree Services Workers Help in Weather Emergencies?

storms and lightning

As we are all well aware, 2020 has been a notable year with regards to extreme weather. Cincinnati had our own tornado scare earlier in the year, and now other parts of the United States are experiencing their own horrific weather patterns. In allegiance with...

Four Reasons for Planting Arborvitae in Cincinnati


Our landscaping clients in Cincinnati often ask what they should think about planting. Several hearty plants come to mind, and one that often tops our list is arborvitae. This resilient evergreen (also called Thuja) thrives as a tree, a shrub, or a hedge. Arborvitae works...

Why are California’s Trees Burning Down?

forest fire

Northern California has had a tough time of it recently. August of 2020 has seen the state endure a rough set of wildfires, all happening at once. The wine country of Sonoma County, the inland orchards of Lake County, and the mountains of San Mateo...

Why is My Grass Not Growing?

thick healthy green grass

There are so many reasons why your grass could be having trouble. Here are four of the most common reasons we see grass getting stunted. You’ve been mowing the grass too short You never want to cut more than a third of each blade when...

Can a Tree Service Observe Social Distancing Guidelines?

tree service

Like many small businesses, tree service and landscaping companies are having a difficult time staying afloat during the 2020 shelter-in-place. Work has reduced dramatically, and tree service companies all over the Midwest have been laying off employees and reducing their staffing. Can a tree service...