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Clearing Your Driveway The Wrong Way Can Lead To Injury

shovel in snow

 Here are some ideas to help you through the winter. 5 Tips To Best Remove That Cincinnati Snow Use Material to Melt the Ice You can use gravel or sand to keep the snow from freezing. Once it all melts, you will have a messy...

Cincinnati Ice Storms are Wreaking Havoc on Trees

ice tree

Here in Cincinnati, we are familiar with ice. From the gutters to the streets to the parking lots, that icy buildup can make every more treacherous for all of us. What about the trees, though? A recent Channel 9 (WCPO) story detailed some of the...

Assessing Tree Health In The Winter Is A Good Idea

tree in the winter

Waltzing in a winter wonderland, it seems like the trees are in suspended animation. Or hibernating. The ground is icy, the soil is hard as concrete, and the leaves are off of the deciduous ones. It may not look like the best time to remove...

Here’s What You Can Do To Promote Your Trees’ Health While It’s Cold

winter trees

Trees can have a tough time in the cold. Young trees are especially vulnerable, since they don’t have an extensive root system in place yet, or thick bark to cover them like a coat. What can do you to make sure your trees make it...

You Can Still Plant Trees In The Snow, If You Choose Wisely

trees in the winter

Winter can be a tricky time for our yards in Cincinnati! If you enjoy gardening, it is a slow season. You can’t plant much of anything, and it’s too cold to plant flowering plants. But what about trees? Now’s the time you can add trees...

What to Look For When Searching for the Best Tree Service Company

trimming tall tree

We here at Tree Images were happy to find this article in the Washington Post — an esteemed journalistic entity — titled “How to Find a Good Tree Service.” Kevin Brasler’s article is solid. It certainly does a fair job of explaining why you should...