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Three Ways to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

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Calling a tree service for a spring check-up is great way to make sure your yard is healthy and thriving. What will a professional company who specializes in tree work do for you? Inspect your trees If branches are dying, they usually die from the...

4 Things to Keep In Mind About Landscaping

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Getting the right landscaping for your home can be a delicate proposition. You need to step carefully, but if you do it right, your yard can become a wonderland. Here are a few things to remember: You Should Know Your Soil Different parts of this...

Good Trees Make Good Neighbors

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Anytime you need to have a tree removed on your own property, we will be there to assist you. As a tree service, we go where the work calls us. There are certain issues of protocol, and neighborly concern, however, which come into play when...

Tree Service Workers Save Raccoon, Owl and Other Wildlife

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Working at a tree service in Cincinnati, we see a wide swath of flora and fauna. We see deer, possums, chipmunks, and all types of wild animals. Over in Iowa, they see a lot of that as well. KWQC-TV in Anamosa, Iowa shared this lovable...

The Mystery of the Disappearing Trees

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In December of 2017, Mitch Smith wrote a story in the New York Times about holiday greenery vanishing from locations across the US. Thieves cutting down live trees from public locations is a long-running – and highly illegal – source of crime in this country....

Erie Canal Trees Prove Controversial

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In the tree removal business, usually there is not much disagreement about what needs to go. If a tree is ailing, or if it has lost crucial branches, or if it is danger of falling into a house or power lines, it often needs to...