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Who Set Up Cincinnati’s First Christmas Tree?

christmas trees being stolen

As we all know, many of Cincinnati’s early settlers came from Germany. The tradition of German immigrants is vast in southwestern Ohio, and many of our city’s landmarks – including the entire neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine – come directly from that German-American heritage. What we do...

Three of Cincinnati’s Most Common Trees

bradford pear tree

If you run a company that does tree trimming in Cincinnati, you are never short on work. Why? Because Cincinnati is a place where trees grow. The humidity is high, and the soil is ideal for sprouting huge trees, both deciduous and coniferous. Which are...

What to Know About the Buckeye

tree crown

Here in Ohio, the buckeye is an important symbol. The state’s largest institute of higher education, the Ohio State University, chose the buckeye for its mascot and nickname. “Brutus the Buckeye,” seen on the sidelines at every Ohio State game, is a proud reminder of...

New York Invests $1.4 Million in Public Trees

central park trees

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, or the DEC, is taking big steps to plant new trees across the state. Beginning in 2021, the DEC is funding grants for 38 projects in different parts of the state. These urban forestry projects, receiving more...

How About Those Chicago Tree Trimmers, Eh?

Chicago IL

In 2019, Chicago’s City Inspector General, Joe Ferguson, released a report saying that Chicago could save as much as 60% on the average cost of pruning a tree. Three of the city’s Aldermen set out to make a board designed to establish an improved forestry...

How is California Bouncing Back from Wildfires?


While the pandemic raged in 2020, and communities shut down with strict shelter-in-place orders, fires raged as well. California experienced the largest wildfire in its history. 38 separate fires, lit by lightning strikes, spread across northern California at the same time. More than a million...