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How Do Trees Improve Our Health as Humans?

Caring For Your Trees During Spring

Recent studies cited by the state of New York are demonstrating the trees do much more for us than we had ever thought. There are four primary ways, noted in these scientific studies, that time around trees heals our bodies. Looking at Trees Lowers Our...

Why is Winter Great for Trimming Your Trees?

trees in the winter

Some seasons are more appropriate for different types of yard treatments. Spring and summer have their advantages for some work, as the flora and fauna are in full bloom. Many gardeners and homeowners use the winter for trimming their trees. Why might they have this...

Remembering the Storm of the Century

snow shoveling snow removal

There are certain winter storms we will always remember. The Bengals’ Freezer Bowl in January of 1982 is one for the ages. As the San Diego Chargers battled the Bengals for the AFC Championship – and lost, 27-7 – coach Forrest Gregg led the orange...

What Can You Do to Prolong the Health of your Asphalt in the Winter?

shovel in snow

Asphalt is a fantastic material, and it is excellent for driveway. It is, however, porous. Rainwater and melting snow seeps in, causing that asphalt to expand. This water can freeze below the driveway’s surface, and this freezing and expansion causes that cracking. Winter can be...

New Robots Are Dedicated to Planting Trees En Masse


We hear the robots may take over many of our jobs. It’s true. We hear that robots are becoming more agile, more graceful, and more able to problem-solve on their own. Also true. But what about robots that can plant more than a thousand trees...

What are the Coolest Hedge Designs?


In Australia, there is a company called Jim’s Mowing. As they are an ocean away, we do not see Jim’s Mowing competing for our customers. Therefore, we have no hesitation in directing you to this page on the Jim’s Mowing website. “What is it?,” you...