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Three Common Tree Pests That Can Kill Your Trees

bark beetle damage

Tree pests are the worst. Your beautiful, lush trees may fall victim to some of these homicidal insects. Here are five of the most common. Stay vigilant, and protect your trees from these ruthless killers. Aphids Aphids are sap-suckers, similar to scale insects. They eat...

Four Great Trees to Plant in Ohio For a Gorgeous Yard

japanese maple tree

These four trees do especially well in the yards of southern Ohio. Here are the strengths of each of these trees. We recommend planting in April, May, or November. The Japanese Maple This tree, also called “Acer palmatum,” only grows to 25 feet tall. This...

Tree Services Come to the Rescue in Tennessee and New York

storms and lightning

In early 2020, heavy rain caused a severe mudslide near Chattanooga, Tennessee. One area near Signal Mountain Road was declared “unstable” by the Chattanooga Fire Department. An embarkment appeared to be on the verge of collapse, threatening a whole field of mobile homes in a...

When is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

trimming tall tree

The smartest time to work on your trees is when they are in their dormant stage. In the fall and winter, most trees go into a dormant stage, and their growth pauses. It is comparable to a bear hibernating for the winter; the tree conserves...

How Much Does it Cost to Have A Tree Removed?

tree images fallen tree Cincinnati

There can be a good deal of variance in the cost of removing a tree. Most of this variance is based on the height of the tree. Most tree removal companies charge based on the height of the tree. There may be a per-foot cost...

Four Things to Look for in a Tree Removal Service

tree cutting

Tree removals are happening all over Cincinnati, on any given day. Companies operate all over the tri-state, and not all are fully prepared to safely remove hazardous trees. What should you check for before hiring a tree removal company? Here are four things you should...