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Six Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps

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Some people like the look of tree stumps. We personally do not – we prefer grass and flowers in a yard to flat dead wood – but some enjoy the aesthetics of a stump. Even if you do like the look of it, though, we...

Ohio’s Wildly Diverse Forests

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The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, or ODNR, may not be a governmental department you think about very often. Any tree service in Cincinnati has a professional interest in the ODNR, of course, but as a homeowner, this department may not be on your radar....

Tips for Planting Strong, Thriving Trees

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We love being a tree trimming company in Cincinnati. People in this city love their trees, and cherish the wooded glens that help make Cincinnati such a gorgeous area. Forests are treated with respect here, and accordingly, these forests tend to be very healthy. We...

The Five Most Popular Christmas Trees

christmas tree before recycling

Tree service companies in Cincinnati tend not to deal with Christmas trees – we figure you have that handled yourself – but of course we pay attention to these trees. They are trees, after all. Which trees tend to be the most popular for families...

How is the Cincinnati Art Museum Becoming Greener?

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In 2016, Cincinnati Art Museum launched a campaign called “A New View,” to update and beautify its entrance and wooded surroundings. In September of 2021, the museum released visual renders of its new plans. The Cincinnati Enquirer revealed some of these computer-assisted images the day...

Will Kentucky Lose a Ton of Trees?

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In the city of Lexington, the power company is trying to remove many trees that endanger their power lines. Kentucky Utilities (called KU by many) has undertaken a project in which they will clear-cut trees across the city. Lexington city council members are meeting with...